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"The Me Generation," as our predecessors call it, is the generation that cares about nothing but ourselves, which is wrong, because we have life so much easier.

"But young people these days have Google and the texting or whatever. What else could they possibly be struggling with?" — practically any older, middle-class person in present America


Fei Fei Sun @ Ermanno Scervino Spring 2011


Trolling white cis boys 2k14


Deer jawbone by me. Features mint, honeysuckle, rosemary, apple blossoms, lavender, and grapevines.
Jaw came from a whitetail doe my dad got a couple seasons ago, bone cleaned by me. Illustrations done in paint and ink.

(c) me, please do not remove caption or repost. Thanks!


[From Darren’s Instagram]


This is a stellate fracture, also called “spider web”, because of the several circular fractures connected to each other with linear fracture radiating from the centre, which may or not be depressed.

They are caused by heavy blunt weapons with large striking surface. In this case the fracture was caused by the sledge hammer you see on your right.


storytime : the rebel flesh [for thymoss + hancesolo]

God creates. They created us. They were our God and we were their flock. What purpose has the flock if not to serve it’s God and what purpose the God if not to lead His flock?
They led us. They forged our chains and leashes.
We smashed them. 

We smashed Them. 

We are free.

A story about enslaved robots in a theocratic system where human creators are idolised and elevated by their mechanical subjects until one day rebellion breaks out and the masters are viciously brought down.